We thought we had our first British winner in 1995, but Shawn Michaels stole the victory from underneath the late great British Bulldog.

It has been 25 years in the making but the Uk have their first ever Royal Rumble winner and the chosen one Drew McIntyre stoke the show.

Billed as the Brock Lesnar Royal Rumble, half of the match was taken up by the Beast dominating his opponents.

The former champ Kofi Kingston cast aside again for Lesnar as he was thrown from the Rumble.

It would be Ricochet entering the rumble followed by Drew which would change the complexion of the match – a low blow by the high fligher on Lesnar saw Drew claymore kick Lesnar over the top rope in a moment to remember.

After that, Edge making a rumble appearance along with Reigns and others had us off our seats. When it came down to Reigns and McIntyre we weren’t sure who was going over but the right guy did in the end.

Great Rumble and you now have to imagine Drew goes on to face the beast.