Jim Ross, talking today to Top Rope Nation, considered how great an addition the The revival would be to All Elite Wrestling.

“Well, it’s a big if, everything’s a big if, because I don’t know what The Revival’s goals are,” Ross said. “I think they would fit into our team very, very well. You know, we’re trying to be a little bit more athletic, athletically oriented, more fundamentally sound in our storytelling, and The Revival team certainly fits that bill. They are one of the best tag teams in the world, period, no matter where it is. So I think they would do great in our company, whether that happens or not remains to be seen.

“There’ll be gross speculation that it’s a done deal, all that good stuff. But Tony Khan handles that, and I’m not in that talent relations role any longer. Thank goodness. I’m the Senior Adviser. Let me tell you what that means, the job description is this: I take credit for all the good ideas and I disavow any knowledge of the ones that suck. So that’s a Tony…I can’t imagine, knowing Tony Khan as I do, and the fan that he is and his ability to spot great things.. I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t be interested. Why would anybody not be interested in Revival is my question? So I’m thinking there’s a possibility they come to work for us.”

Sounds like Ross would love to see the duo sign a contract with AEW, but with the boys free to go whenever they choose there will be more than one company trying to tempt them.