Two weeks ago WWE released a large number of stars. Since then there have been rumours flying around as to where each of the released stars would go. We can confirm today that there is one star who is not destined to sign for AEW thanks to their executive Vice President, former WWE star, Cody Rhodes

He revealed bluntly that his promotion would not be interested in signing Heath Slater during an Instagram Q&A session,

“Nope! No on Heath Slater.”

Slater was with WWE for fourteen years including ten years on the main roster where he became tag team champion three times. Unfortunately Slayer will have to find another way to feed his numerous kids because AEW are not interested.

AEW have signed some of their stars from Vince McMahons company however they have noted that they do not want to sign a large number of WWE’s stars.

Jim Ross has came out recently to say that Rusev should be a priority signing, and we seen just this week that The Revolt will make an appearance to most likely face the Young Bucks on AEW.