AEW Rampage immediately follows Smackdown on Friday night’s but they’re losing viewers – even with the promise of a Danielson in-ring match against one of the Bucks.

The show recorded 622,000 viewers, the lowest for the series yet in the 10-11 ET hour that immediately followed WWE Smackdown which is on Fox.

The show is well below last week’s two hour Grand Slam edition which came in at 727,000.

Right now, there is around a 400k difference in the viewership between Dynamite and Rampage over the seven day average. This was expected due to Rampage airing on a Friday night which would rule out some of the young adult demos from watching the show.

The influx of three major talents have meant steadiness in the Dynamite ratings for the most part. However, nobody has moved the needle to any massive degree at the moment.

The theory is; most of the fans who would like to see Punk, Danielson and Cole are already watching the product. AEW is going to have to find inventive ways to grow their audience – they feel like their on the cusp of great television and if they make their TV show must watch on a weekly basis they could draw lapsed fans back to wrestling.