All Elite Wrestling and Chris Jericho are taking advantage with the buzz surrounding the Wednesday night ratings war and ‘the demo’ with a new shirt being added to the AEW store.

Shop AEW took to Twitter today and posted a picture of the ‘Demo God’ Chris Jericho:

The term came about after both Tony Khan and Chris Jericho have taken to social media to discuss the key 18-49 demo after the ratings between the promotion and rivals Nxt are released.

For the past couple of weeks NXT has had the higher overall viewership, but in the key demographic of 18-49, AEW have dominated. This is deemed more important in the land of television because people of that age are more likely to purchase products that are advertised on TV.

Commenting on ratings isn’t a pastime of all AEW staff. Cody recently mentioned in an interview that is anyone sees him doing so they need to tell him to delete his account.

Jericho moving from ‘Le Champion’ to ‘Demo God’ is only going to give him more material to run with when cutting promos. It will be funny to see where he goes with it.