Chris Jericho ran commentary on last week’s AEW Dynamite and gained rave reviews. He enjoyed it so much that it may even become a career once he retires from in-ring action. On Facebook Live he said,

I’ve never commentated on a whole show before. The reason why I wanted to do it was just to have a presence on the show. As we kind of put a hold on so many things, including Blood and Guts, so I wanted to be on the show and provide a little energy, just in case. You know we are working in front of eight people, 10 people all strategically spaced apart of course.”

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic regulars Excalibur and Jim Ross were not available so Jericho stepped in alongside Tony Schiavone. He said that the pair would be back ringside next week and added he would consider doing it after retirement.

“Absolutely, I always loved doing commentary,” Jericho said. “To do it for a whole hour or two hours is not easy to do.”

Jerichos long-standing relationship with Schiavone helped create some natural chemistry between the pair. Hopefully this is something we start to see on a regular basis.

Chris Jericho has always been regarded as one of the best on the mic, some of his promos are the best in wrestling history so it was no surprise to see him thrive when given a whole show of open mic time.

If Jericho ever ends up in commentary, it might solidify his status as one of the greatest pro wrestling personality in history.