Former WWE World Champion and Current AEW Wold Champion Jon Moxley has given his opinion on WWE’s new gimmick in order to boost ratings.

WWE have moved their tapings from the Performance Centre to the Amway Center in Orlando. They have introduced, pyro, lasers, drone cameras and virtual fans in order to try and get more fans to tune in.

Moxley took part in an interview with Wrestling Observer Radio where he reacted to the new venue and added extras. He believes that the gimmicks are not going to help the promotion as long as Vince McMahon makes all the creative decisions.

Here is what he had to say during the interview:

“I mean we know what their problem is, it’s one person, three letters VKM [Vince McMahon]. That’s the problem – until he’s gone it or relinquishes control, it’s just not gonna change. When I watch the show, especially during the pandemic era, I’m just like, ‘oh thank God I’m not there’, Jesus Christ, what would I be doing on that show right now?

“Can you imagine thinking it would be any good, like come on. But I really don’t want to get into a bashing them thing. All the LED boards and s**t and their ThunderDome isn’t going to fix their problems. We know what the problem is. Did you see… I saw a picture of the ThunderDome and it had like I guess… it was like a zoom call with all the faces on the wall and it tripped me out.

“I hope it’s awesome because I have friends there, I have so much great talent there that I want WWE to be awesome. Honestly when WWE sucks at this point I don’t get like excited about it like ‘haha you suck’, it kind of pisses me off because they’re the number one brand in the sport, they represent the sport to a lot of people and when their product is embarrassing to watch, it makes all of the wrestling look bad, and it’s like you’re driving away fans that could potentially be WWE and AEW fans. I want wrestling all over the world to be awesome – the hotter it is all around the better it is for everybody.”

Moxley did not leave WWE on good terms and he has never held back when discussing his former promotion. His wife Renee Young has given her notice to WWE and it is believed that we will not see her work for the promotion after this weekend’s SummerSlam event. It is being speculated that she could make the switch to AEW to join her husband.