Week 18 of the Wednesday Night War saw AEW get another win over NXT.

AEW drew 928,000 viewers while NXT drew 770,000.

AEW came in at #11 in the Cable Top 100, while NXT landed at #34.

Both shoes ratings went up from last week.

AEW clocked in at 828,000 last Wednesday while NXT managed 712,000. That’s 100k more turning in to watch Cody get his 10 lashes as well as seeing the Elite in tag team action.

In the demo that really matters, the 18-49s. AEW pulled off a 0.36 while NXT drew an 0.22.

Another win for AEW.

People make a big deal of the ratings but NXT is going strong and was placed on Wednesday nights to help split the audience and stop AEW from gaining figures more like Raw and Smackdown. In that sense, it’s doing it’s job.