AEW star Hangman Page replied to one of his own tweets to apparently poke fun at WWE and them now being announced as “essential business” in the state of Florida.

As reported previously, Jerry Demings (Mayor of Orange County) revealed that the governor’s office in Florida had deemed the company open for business going forward.

That prompted Page to seek out one of his tweets from 2 April and reply with a quick, “lol, nevermind“.

The first tweet was banter-filled enough. In it Hangman said:

Eating pork rinds and having an existential crisis in which I realise my life’s work is not ‘essential’ and will fade into nothingness like some !*$%’s puff of vape smoke in the second floor C-wing bathroom. Anyway, have a great Thursday”.

This is all…so weird. There’s a definite jokey tone to Page’s tweets, but he and others in AEW must be scratching their heads that they are staying safe and recording episodes whereas WWE are continuing with business as usual.

Page also took to twitter to show fans what he was doing to keep himself busy at home. Another jibe at WWE superstars recovering from last nights live Raw broadcast.

His twitter video includes him sitting in his living room playing Animal crossing on his Nintendo switch and drinking whiskey.

He starts the tweet with asking the AEW media guy Jeff to upload it to tonight’s show. Maybe we will get to see his at home antics in tonight’s broadcast.