It is being reported by Wrestlinginc that a current WWE developmental talent sent them an anonymous letter details several issues relating to the company’s recent testing for Coronavirus.

Within the letter is explains that talents are not allowed to come out and publicly make statements on the situation and if they do test positive or know of someone who has tested positive they have to keep it to themselves.

The letter revealed that WWE would take care of medical treatments if anyone within the company was to need them which is one positive we can take from the anonymous athlete. The tipster added that the company did not believe in the validity of some of the testing being completed and that they had not started testing most people until last week.

It was also said that Kevin Dunn, the Executive Vice President of WWE, was completely against wearing masks during the taping of shows. It is alleged in the letter that he made a scene when shouting over the PA that people should not be wearing them. Thankfully, the company have now changed their view on this and the ‘audience’ from last nights episode of SmackDown were shown wearing them.

The anonymous athlete stated that some individuals within the company had been attending packed beaches, parties and amusement parks and not mentioning this when it came to being screened by health professionals.

You can check out the full letter here.