We reported earlier that during WrestleMania 36 Jimmy Uso injured his knee during the match for the tag team titles. It has been revealed today that it was not the only serious injury caused at the pay per view event.

In an interview with RDS, WWE RAW star Kevin Owens said that he suffered a sprain or a fracture to his ankle during his match against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania.

During the interview Owens added that in order to find out the extent of the damage to his ankle he would be getting an X-ray this week.

The WWE star was victorious over Rollins at Wrestlemania not once but twice after he won the initial bout by disqualification. Owens insisted that there should be a no-disqualification match straight after Seth was disqualified for hitting him with a bell.

It is believed that Owens suffered the injury after the jumped off the Wrestlemania sign and elbow dropped Rollins through the announcement table.