As WWE Smackdown is moving to Fox on October 4th there are bound to be a few changes coming to the programme.

One heavily rumoured change to WWE TV is the long awaited return of pyro to our screens. Pyro has been used to help enhance the show by building hype opening the show, adding ambience to someone’s entrance or even character moments such as Kane making fire erupt from the corners (not quite the same effect when he’d raise and lower his hands and nothing happened.

This could tie in with the also rumoured new stage sets for Raw and SmackDown being brought in to help further distinguish the brands for the brand split. It is currently unknown whether or not NXT are getting pyro but if WWE want to win the Wednesday Night Wars then they may give NXT all the bells and whistles to be one up on AEW.

Are you excited about the return of pyro? Are you hoping for the SmackDown fist set to return or something brand new? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.