Edge returned at the Royal Rumble but it could have been very different if Vince McMahon didn’t have the looming threat of AEW hanging over him.

WrestleZone claim a source came to them with news about Edge’s return and how this has been going on since August last year.

Edge apparently went to WWE first about a return when he got the all clear from doctors but Vince and other higher ups were against taking any risks with Adam. The wrestler then began talking to AEW and at one point there was the potential he would have debuted on the first Dynamite.

When WWE got wind of AEW talks, not only did that reportedly make Vince McMahon change his tune on Edge wrestling but it looks likes the former WWE Champions got a bigger and better offer than he would’ve otherwise.

The existence of AEW is making WWE pay a premium for some talent they might not have 12 months ago for fear they’ll jump to the other side.

With AEW in its infancy, there could be one or two currently on the WWE roster who end up there before too long.