If you’re wondering what Nakamura will be doing this Wrestlemania then don’t be too downhearted about him not being used because according to the Wrestling Observe the Japanese star has ‘checked out’ at WWE.

The charismatic Nakamura we all know and love from new Japan just hasn’t been there. Even in his NXT matches when he first came in didn’t even live up to the hype they were getting. His entrances became more of a thing than what he was doing inside the ring.

His best match in WWE will be his first for a lot of people and that was the match against Sammy Zayn where the chant ‘Fight forever’ was used properly for once.

Meltzer said in his daily podcast the Japanese star isn’t bothered about his place on the card and is enjoying being paid and surfing in Florida.

“He’s not doing anything. He’s checked out. He’s just out there to… his family likes Florida. He’s out there to surf. He’s kinda on his pension now, you know what I mean?”

Last year he was in a dream match with AJ Styles that failed to hit the heights. This year, we may see him in a tag team pre-show match or in the dreaded Andre Battle Royal spot.