Eric Bischoff spoke briefly about Jon Moxley on his 83 weeks podcast recently.

Bischoff, who has just come off another stint with WWE spoke about the former Shield member and used Jon as an example of the problem facing many wrestlers.

The podcaster doesn’t see enough range in what Moxley is doing to truly get over as a main event act. He points to Jericho and his reinvention over the years which has added layers to his character and mystique.

Jon came onto the scene in AEW and has been used well sometimes while other times his lack of promo time has been used an example of where the creative might have failed him a little. The more Jon gets on the mic, the better he can be.

We’re glad to see they’ve pulled back a little from what they did with Moxley and Omega. A street brawl which could have been a classic. Still plenty of time to revisit that!

Bischoff wants to see more from him and others.

Speaking on his podcast, the former WCW man said:

“To me, he’s two-dimensional. And he needs to find that third dimension, you know, to get him to a Chris Jericho-type level. It’s nothing wrong with his work, nothing at all wrong with his character other than I’m not seeing a lot of depth to it. There’s a sameness to it. There’s not enough range to it.

“I’d like to see that. And I think that that’s true across the board for a lot of characters, not just Jon Moxley. You know, to be able to shift gears. You know, you go back and look at Chris Jericho’s career and he’s been able to successfully reinvent himself so many different times in so many different ways, because he has that range and that third dimension that a lot of people have really never developed and a lot of top guys don’t have it. You know, guys that you consider top guys don’t have it.

“But I think if any talent, not just Jon Moxley, but any talent wants to reach that next level, they’ve got to be able to have that range that allows them to position elements of their character that make them feel more interesting.”