Just last week it was announced that Tessa Blanchard was released from her contract with Impact Wrestling. The relationship between the World Champion and the promotion broke down causing them to sever ties with her.

Since her release it has been widely discussed as to where she could land next. Rumours got spread about interested parties even WWE and AEW.

On social media fans are divided as to whether they would like to see her at Vince McMahon’s company. She is a tremendous performer, but she has faced accusations of being a bully and a racist towards fellow wrestlers.

AEW were the other big name mentioned as a potential move for her. With the Women’s division needing a few more names, many have speculated that Tony Khan could look to introduce Blanchard to the company.

The other big player in the wrestling game is obviously AEW, and with the promotion’s women’s division lacking star power, many have speculated that Tony Khan could look to bring Blanchard into the company.

Booker T, WWE Hall of Famer, has weighed in on the discussion warning that if she were to join AEW she would be a huge fish in a small pond.

“I think in AEW she’ll be a huge fish in a small pond. I think for Tessa Blanchard to go out there and put a stamp on the business, she’s gonna have to go to WWE. She’s gonna have to go there and perform at the highest level under the brightest lights to become as great as I think she wants to be.”