Last week following Naomi’s defeat at the hands of Lacy Evans on Smackdown, the hashtag #NaomiDeservesBetter began trending on Twitter.

Naomi was once SmackDown Champion but had to relinquish her title due to injury. She is widely regarded as one of the most talented female wrestlers within WWE, however she is rarely booked by creative.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T saw the hashtag online and mentioned the social media push in his podcast. Here is what he had to say:

“‘Naomi deserves a chance.’ They can go to hell with all these hashtags I’m tired of hearing about them. Don’t nobody ‘deserve’ a chance. You have to earn a chance and your spot on the roster, this is not some kind of movement just to pull somebody up just because. I hate to say this because I like Naomi, but as far as the business goes, you get it on your merit alone. There is no buddy system. ‘Well, such and such has a buddy and that’s why they’re doing it.’ That might be true, but life is not fair. Sometimes, you have to make your own breaks and rise to the occasion when no one else thought you could. It may not happen overnight. No one expected me to become a six-time champ, but my persistence of going out there and performing better than all of those suckas in the locker room, and they knew it, and the fans saw something different.

“That’s why I say #NaomiDeservesBetter, I don’t think it serves her any purpose, people advocating for her in that way. The way that needs to be put out there is her advocating for herself and performing at a high level. When you do that, you cannot be denied. No one will ever say you were given anything. If it happened tomorrow, someone blessed Naomi with the World Championship, trust me, it would not feel like she did it on her own. I never would have wanted the World Title if it was given to me that way. Naomi is perhaps more athletic than every female in that locker room, but psychology and working are two different things. If I had my hands on her for one month, Naomi would look at this business a totally different way.”

In response to Booker T’s comment, Naomi responded with the following GIF:

Sasha Banks involved herself in the discussion by replying to Naomi’s Tweet saying “Don’t feed into useless opinions, no matter who they come from. Keep glowing and shining like you always do. You ain’t got nothing to prove to anyone #teambad”

Booker followed up with this:

“If you think I can’t help you at all and that’s all I’m trying to do is help you to get to the next level. You think the guys on social media can help you more than I do, go that route. I’m gonna leave it at that.

Naomi responded to that statement directly on Twitter:

Booker sent a final message just to reiterate that he is only trying to help Naomi out.

Naomi is involved with tonight’s SmackDown Episode. She is the Guest on Miz TV, will this lead towards a match on the show?

It looks like Naomi will have a chance to shine on tonight’s episode of SmackDown as she is the guest on Miz TV. will have live coverage of the show later.