Braun Strowman kicked off Friday night Smackdown showing off his new Universal championship belt.

After he cut his promo it was time for a challenger. Who would be the first to announce themselves as worthy?

Queue the screeching violins! Out came Shinsuke Nakamura to challenge the champion in Smackdown’s main event.
Cesaro tried to interfere to help Nakamura however The Monster Among Men quashed them both with time to spare…Too much time to spare.

Something had to happen in the last 7 minutes of the show, and some thing did! We got an interruption from none other than Bray Wyatt. He busted onto the screen to give us another amazing Firefly Fun House episode.
Wyatt started by telling us that John Cena was history before turning his attention to the newly crowned champion.

Wyatt wants to punish Strowman for turning his back on the family. He called Braun son a bunch of times and mentioned that he was created by Wyatt.

He threatened Strowman by telling him that he brought him into this world and he would be the one to take him out.
With money in the bank coming up surely this will be an awesome match up.