Earlier we posted an article saying that money in the bank will not be filmed in the Performance Centre and it is yet unsure where in fact it will take place.

PWInsider then reported that footage for the pay per view has been filmed on the roof of the Titan Tower!

We did not know exactly what was to be filmed up there, only that it was for Money in the Bank pay per view. We did imagine it would be difficult to film up there however WWE has done crazier than that before.

We reported earlier that the even will still be taking place on May 10th and that it would not be in the Performance centre. We genuinely could not have guessed that the alternative would be on top of Titan Tower.

WWE have now confirmed on Twitter that it will in fact take place on the roof of the Titan Tower:

At first glance it looks like the pay per view will start on the lower floors and Superstars will make their way up to the roof for the finale of the Pay Per View Event.

This makes it Super Exciting. High heights, high ladders, high stakes!

This has the potential to be a tremendous event.

Imagine, top of the building, top of a ladder, drone cameras for effect. Let’s hope they can pull it off.