WWE today announced it would a series of cuts as a result of the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chairman Vince McMahon informed the company’s employees – including performers – that cuts would be necessary to save them an estimated $4million a month.

McMahon said the talent roster would be trimmed, while others will be furloughed.

Within a few hours we seen over 30 on screen talent have their contracts terminated.

One of those performers was Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute has been in an interesting position for a long time and has been rumoured to be on his way out for over a year. Amongst the tweets of departure from stars Rusev kept it simple by saying ‘ Thank you all, Rusev out’

Rusev most recently went through a humiliating storyline where his wife, Lana left him for Bobby Lashley. This was a storyline designed to humiliate him as much as possible and it never really got resolved. It would probably go down as one of his low points within his career.

As i was looking through the Belgians twitter i came across a very interesting Tweet that he sent out. During this very difficult time for everyone, there are people out there who are struggling financially due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Instead of the WWE company helping out its staff who were in financial trouble, it was Rusev who was paying the production team out of his own pocket to help them survive.

The wording of this Tweet from a few weeks ago is pretty ironic considering he used the word ‘Security’.

Just a week ago he was paying production staff out of his own pocket and now he has been let go. Tragic.