While speaking recently on Busted Open Radio, Chris Jericho discussed AEW’s Double or Nothing pay per view. In particular he discussed his part in the Stadium Stampede match and people’s reaction to the cinematic match.

Most people took to the internet to praise the match, however, not all opinions of the main event were positive. One person who has blasted the match was Jim Cornette. Jericho took the opportunity on air to let his feelings known.

“I’ll tell you this right now, there’s some people that are burying this match. Jim Cornette hated it. If you don’t like this match, then you don’t have a soul, because this was one of the most entertaining things that you can see.”

Saying that Jim Cornette does not have a soul may seem harsh to some, but its easy to understand why Jericho may be frustrated with Cornette’s feelings on the match. The Stadium Stampede may not be to everyone’s preference but its hard to argue that it was not entertaining. In order to see it in its full potential people need to let go of what they consider to be a ‘wrestling match’

Jericho continued:

“And if you’re talking about a Jim Cornette, he booked a segment where I put his face in a cake in 1994. This is the 2020 version of sticking somebody’s face in a cake. This is the style of wrestling that I love.

“We have everything in there. If you didn’t like that, then you don’t like wrestling because this is what the essence of wrestling is, which is entertainment, but all sides of the coin. And I was very proud of it, and like I said, one of my favorite things I’ve ever done.”

After the match was filmed Jericho said it was one of the best things he had ever done. For a man that has thirty years of wrestling memories, its clear to see its something he is massively proud of.

Thanks to Wrestlezone for the transcription