At the beginning of August there was a motorcycle rally in South Dakota which included a variety of rock bands to begin the event. There have been a number of Coronavirus cases reported as a result of the gathering. One of the bands who played at the event was Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy.

It is being reported by NBC News that seven people that attended the event have tested positive for COVID-19. Despite local residents complaining due to fear of the virus spreading, the event had more than 450,000 in attendance.

We reported that Chris Jericho had already faced backlash for his band performing in front of crowds. When it was mentioned on social media, he ensured people that safety precautions had been taken to limit the spread of the virus. Fans had their temperature taken on the way into the event, however, photos and videos have shown that there weas no social distancing measures in place.

Jericho has taken to Twitter to respond to the breaking news. He dismissed the number of positive tests and mentioned that only seven cases had been confirmed out of the mass of people:

The percentage of positive tests may be tiny compared to the amount of people in attendance, however not all the attendees have been tested so it is likely there are more infected people out there.