During his latest ‘Saturday Night Special’ show, Former AEW World Champion revealed which wrestlers he would like to see join Tony Khan’s promotion. Jericho stated that he would like to see a mix of wrestlers from WWE, Impact Wrestling and NJPW.

“Roman Reigns, Will Ospreay, Ricochet, [Kota] Ibushi, and Don Callis. Yes, that’s all I’ve got to say about that. Yes, I would love to have Ricochet in AEW. I’d work with him in a second.”

Jericho mentioned that he admires Roman Reigns as both a professional wrestler and as a person. He also hinted at the fact Reigns is being held back at WWE. This is not the first time that the ‘DemoGod’ has mentioned Reigns when asked this question.

Reigns is currently taking time away from wrestling due to the Coronavirus pandemic but is expected to return as soon as it is safer. Some have reported that Reigns has a bit of backstage heat as a result of him taking time away from WWE, however, it is extremely unlikely that Vince McMahon would let one his biggest names join a rival promotion.

Ospreay and Ibushi have worked alongside Jericho in NJPW so he knows how good they can perform. Ibushi was also Kenny Omega’s tag team partner over in Japan so it would be easy to slot him into a story straight away.

Callis is one of Jericho’s good friends. He is currently in a management role as the co-executive vice president of Impact Wrestling. He also works as an on-air personality and commentator so if he ever was making the move to AEW he could fill one of these roles.

Ricochet seems to have been underutilised at WWE. Vince McMahon does not seem to be a big fan of the high-flyer, and without Paul Heyman pushing younger stars on Monday Night Raw, it is likely that he will be forgotten about even more. He still has a contract with the company but unless they start to use him to his full potential, he may choose to leave other that re-signing.

Jericho finished the segment by adding one more name to the list. He mentioned that he would love to see WWE SmackDown star Cesaro make the move:

“Now we just have to get Cesaro in AEW and then we’ll really stir it up. I think Cesaro in AEW would be one of our top guys.”