If anyone has been on twitter today you will probably have seen the lastest Tweet from WWE Legend CM Punk. There is lots of speculation as to whether or not he is hinting at a return to WWE.

It has been a while since we seen him in the ring and the closest we got to seeing it again was when rumours were flying around that he was in talks with AEW. The deal apparently fell through because he wanted an ‘astronomical’ amount of money.

Today’s Tweet from Punk is more than likely just another playful comment to get fans talking. He hinted that he could be involved in WWE’s new destructive faction RETRIBUTION who have appeared on Tv over the past week.

CM Punk suggested to Rey Mysterio that he should shave Seth Rollins’ head in order to get revenge after he and Murphy assaulted his son Dominik on last night’s Raw.


WWE on FOX shared Punk’s comment and here is how he replied:

In an intelligent play on words Punk included the name of the chaotic faction that have been attacking both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown over the past couple of weeks.

We are 99.9% sure that Punk will be laughing at all the wrestling blogs taking an interest in his comment and making a story out of it. But there is also that 0.1% chance that it could happen.