Nine years ago, to the day we seen a legendary match at Money in the Bank 2011. The entire pay per view was excellent however the talking point for everyone was the Main event in which we seen CM Punk take on John Cena. The match is considered one of the best in wrestling history.

On the nine year anniversary of the match, CM Punk has taken to Twitter to reflect on arguably the best moment of his career. Here is what he had to say:

The pay per view event came shortly after Punk’s legendary ‘pipe bomb’ promo in which he promised that he promised that he would leave the company with the WWE Championship. Fans knew that they were going to see something special for Punks last possible match in WWE. They were not disappointed, it was tremendous. In front of Punks home Chicago town he and Cena put on an amazing show.

Dave Meltzer gave the match a five-star rating and it’s the last we have seen in a main roster WWE match. Punk winning the Championship just like he said he would topped off an awesome night of wrestling.