Fan favourite and former WWE champion CM Punk has revealed his opinion on Monday Night Raw’s new concept. On this week’s episode of the show we seen WWE unveil the Underground concept.

There was a watchalong on last night’s episode of FS1 where wrestling celebrities watched SummerSlam 1992 and discussed some more recent talking points within the company.

Punk was joined by Renee Young, Finn Balor, Booker T and Bret Hart. The topic of the new underground fight club gimmick came up.

Here is what Punk had to say regarding the new concept:

“I absolutely loved it. I want to see Nia Jax in there. They should get more women in there. Let us see some bodies getting broken.

“The idea that Shane McMahon and all these people would be in the Performance Center for the whole three hours and they cut into what they’re doing in various segments is pretty cool. Three hours of no holds barred fights and strippers, that’s all I want to see.

“Renee, I think you should fight Bayley. This is the end of the world anyway, with the pandemic and everything. This is just going to degenerate into gladiator fights again.”

the opinion of fans online is pretty divided, but CM Punk seems to be a fan of the brawling concept. it would be fair to say that people see the idea as being a good one but for it to reach its full potential, the execution and presentation need to be improved going forward.

If there were to be underground matches, who would you love to see face each other?