Prior to CM Punk signing with FOX Network to become one of the hosts of WWE Backstage, it was reported that he was negotiating a contract with All Elite Wrestling.

If CM Punk took almost six years out of the business and returned to wrestle with AEW, that would be the biggest signing that they or any other promotion could make.

We all assumed that the reason that Punk did not join Tony Khan’s promotion was because he wanted a massive amount of money to join AEW, and this is reported to be confirmed.

Konnan discussed the topic on his recent podcast, he revealed that Punk wanted ‘an astronomical amount of money’ to join All Elite when they were negotiating several months ago:

 “I do remember when you know, I was negotiating with AEW — they were telling me about him. They were telling me that he was asking for like an astronomical amount of money. That they really wanted to work with him.”

Punk could now be able to re-negotiate with AEW again. After less than a year on the air WWE backstage is seemingly cancelled. Lets hope they can work something out this time.



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