AEW’s Ececutive Vice President and Current TNT Champion recently had an interview with ESPN, in which he discussed the possibility of the promotion signing Tessa Blanchard and Rey Mysterio in the near future. Both are technically free agents at the moment so it would be feasible.


Blanchard was fired by Impact Wrestling last month for not cooperating with management. During the lockdown stage of the Coronavirus pandemic, she refused to send in any promos for the television taping of episodes.

Blanchard has been linked with WWE and other promotions since her release but there have been no confirmed talks yet.

Here is what Cody had to say regarding Blanchard coming to All Elite Wrestling:


“I don’t know a lot about the current situation with her and Impact. Tully, her father, is in AEW. That’s more Kenny Omega, [my wife and AEW chief brand officer] Brandi [Rhodes] and Tony carving out the growing and evolving women’s division. They’d have more of a beat on that. She was part of All In for us. And anyone who was part of All In has a place in my heart. On a personal level, I always want all the second- and third-generation wrestlers to have the best experience. She has a lot, a lot of talent. I’m sure it’s something Kenny, Brandi and Tony have discussed.”


Cody mentions that it is not him who is involved with bringing in female stars, however it has been mentioned previously that the AEW women’s roster lacks depth, so maybe whoever is in charge should set up a meet with Blanchard.


Meanwhile, Rey Mysterio is working at WWE without an official contract at present. He had his eye severely ‘injured’ at the Extreme rules pay per view at the hands of Seth Rollins and has not been seen onscreen since then. The reason for this is that Mysterio and management at WWE can not agree on the terms of his contract, he wants a raise and Vince McMahon is not willing to give him one.

Here is what Cody mentioned in the interview regarding signing Mysterio.


“To me, the greatest luchador ever, of all time — hands down — is Rey Mysterio Jr. And he’s got friends here. Jericho and him are friends. Mysterio is not afraid to travel out there, either. He’s not a one-company individual. And I think Rey still has a lot left to give in terms of wrestling. That might be something that someone else is currently discussing with him at this point. You never know.”

The legendary Luchador is likely to re-sign with WWE however if he were willing to move it would be one of AEW’s biggest signings.