One of the best Money In The Bank cash-ins in WWE history arguably came when Dolph Ziggler defeated Alberto Del Rio to win the World Heavyweight Championship after just shy of a year with the briefcase.  The cash in took place on the Raw after WrestleMania show in 2013 where Del Rio defeated Jack Swagger to retain the title

However, it has emerged that we nearly didn’t get this awesome moment, as it was not originally planned for Ziggler to win the contract at 2012 Money in the bank. It was supposed to be another highly rated superstar that should have won the ladder match

AEW’s Cody Rhodes took to Twitter over the weekend to reveal that he was set to win the briefcase in 2012 instead of Dolph Ziggler. However, plans changed on the day of the show, and it was never explained to Rhodes why the change was made.

Many people say that Rhodes should have won the briefcase the following year in 2013. However, that match was won by Damien Shadow, Rhodes’ former tag team partner.

However, that was not the only time that Rhodes was told he was winning the Money In The Bank ladder match, only for WWE to change their minds at the last minute and give the win to someone else.

Rhodes revealed that not only was he supposed to win the ladder match in 2012, but also in 2011 when speaking to Alex McCarthy at the end of 2019,

While Cody was part of the SmackDown ladder match in 2011, that bout was won by Daniel Bryan. However, Rhodes was told it would be him walking away with the contract.

Based on how well Cody is doing at AEW, you have to think that WWE regret not pushing him when they had the chance as one of the company’s brightest stars.