April 15th 2020 has been referred “Black Wednesday” by fans, and it will likely go down as one of the saddest days in modern wrestling history.

We have updated you over the past couple of days on WWE’s mass clear out which includes Rusev, Rowan, Gallows and Anderson as well as a number of NXT stars.

The list has been expected to grow over the next week or so and it has been predicted there will be more names after Friday nights Smackdown show. But one release in particular caught the eye of AEW Vice President Cody Rhodes. That was his fried Zack Ryder.

With AEW looking to save money in this unprecedented time, it is unsure if Ryder will make the move in the near future, but if you consider how incredibly close Cody and Ryder are, I’m sure they will be able to make something work. Only time will tell.