Cody Rhodes, executive vice president of AEW is facing a backlash after accidently liking a tweet that told Sami Zayn to “go back to Canada”. The tweet was quickly unliked by Rhodes once he realised the mistake.

Sami Zayn has been very outspoken about President Trump this week taking to twitter to question the presidents idea of ‘liberating’ states after a lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sami Zayn was correctly saying that this virus is still ongoing and everyone would be much safer if a lockdown was still in place, he correctly assumes that if states are ‘liberated’ people will stop taking the virus seriously and will be a danger to themselves and others.

This caused a flurry of people taking offense to Zayn’s comments and incorrectly retaliating with racist comments such as ‘leave the country’ and ‘go back to Canada’ one tweet in particular seen Rovert stating “if Sami Zayn hates normal, regular American folk supporting their President he should go back to Canada IMO”

Cody Rhodes apparently liked this offensive tweet

He quickly replied “Whoops, didn’t see that. Good catch”

You can clearly see from the above tweet that Cody usually reads Roverts tweets and hit like out of habit, as soon as he read the actual content and thought about the implications he deleted the like straight away.

He continued to explain the situation by talking about staying away from political issues for this reason exactly, they always get taken out of context.

The backlash from this is crazy, some sources bringing up Rhodes’ old twitter account to prove that he is lying, and he did in fact support trump is nonsense.

I don’t understand what the big issue is. Zayn correctly brought up an extremely logical opinion about keeping places closed for longer to stop the spread of Coronavirus – which is definitely the correct decision. A racist singe minded Twitter account then told him to ‘Go back to Canada’ which by the way is very reminiscent of a centuries old racist insult. Cody Rhodes flicking through twitter accidently liked the response, once he realised his mistake, he fixed it. The fact that people are wanting to hold him accountable and asking for him to address his actions and apologise is Ludacris in my opinion. People are focussing on Rhodes slip of hand and not focussing on the barrage of racist comments Zayn received for speaking his mind.