Cody Rhodes has left the AEW building.

The Executive Vice President who helped build the company has walked away and it has people scratching their heads.

For those who haven’t followed the meta story and listened to the whispers from AEW in the past six months, you’ll be even more puzzled about Cody’s next destination.

The American Nightmare is heading BACK to the WWE.

Cody and Brandi have spent the past 6-8 months trying to fight a tidal wave of boos from the AEW audience who wanted the wrestler to turn heel. Rhodes fought it every step of the way to his and the show’s detriment. Cody has been working AEW dates since the start of the year without an official contract and has been deep in negotiations with Tony Khan.

The former Stardust wanted a major pay hike with the company after helping it get off the ground, but his role at AEW dismissed as the years and months went on. Tony Khan took the book after the first six months when a booking committee was clearly not working.

The talent AEW now have at their disposal coupled with Cody’s poor story arks and presence on TV as of late meant there was no reason for Tony to give into what the wrestler wanted.

It looks as if Cody used WWE to leverage the deal he wanted with Tony and the AEW owner called his bluff.

Vince McMahon will be giddy to gets such a high profile AEW signing and it’s the first real blow back at Tony Khan’s company since they came into existence.

Cody has been promised a push at his old company and is ready to go straight away. The likelihood of a Wrestlemania match is pretty high.

Hardcore AEW fans will see this as Cody being a mercenary and could change his longterm perception. However, WWE Has certainly given any lapsed fans who have been watching AEW to have another look. Curiosity is a powerful thing.

Cody will get a push out the gate, but what happens after he isn’t the shiny new toy?