Cody Rhodes, took to Twitter yesterday and confirmed that following his suspension Sammy Guevara will return to All Elite Wrestling. According to the Executive Vice President of AEW, Guevara will return as a “better wrestler” and a “better man” when he does.

The Tweet was in response to a fan who wanted to “reinsert Sammy” to AEW. The tweet from the fan also included an article by 411 Mania which revealed how her daughter’s life was saved by Guevara. According to the report, a woman noted how the AEW star sent her encouraging videos which helped her deal with personal issues and gave her a push to fight. The woman credited Sammy’s video as being a massive turning point in her daughter’s life and she stopped being a risk to herself.

Guevara was recently suspended indefinitely without pay after a podcast of him making a disrespectful joke about Sasha Banks from 2016 resurfaced. In the interview he discussed how infatuated he was with Banks and that he wanted to “rape” her at a WWE try-out The AEW star has since been ordered to take part in sensitivity training by the company.

When the historic podcast came out as part of the #SpeakingOut movement, Guevara apologised both publicly and privately to Banks claiming he was trying a bit of shock humour during the interview. It remains to be seen when we will see Guevara return to television, but the woman’s story, and Rhode’s comments suggest that he has not lost all respect from fans and colleagues.


Guevara has apologized for the comments twice, claiming that he was trying his hand at shock humor. It remains to be seen when Guevara will return to television, but Rhodes’ comments, coupled with the woman’s story, suggests that he’s regained some of the goodwill he’d gained from his colleagues and fans. The fact that Cody has publicly said that he will return to AEW will be massively reassuring for Sammy.