Cody Rhodes is one of the most respectful people when it comes to professional wrestling. However he recently commented on NXT’s Great American Bash in an uncharacteristic negative manner.

WWE’s Great America Bash has clear ties with Dusty Rhodes, Cosy’s father. While Triple H may be the boss at NXT right now, Dusty Rhodes was at the heart of the brand. Since the passing of Dusty, NXT has continued to capitalise on the event and even created the creation of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

In a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, Cody revealed his thoughts on the Great American Bash. While he mentioned that he was not upset about it, he did add that he hopes they make it into something special. Her is what he had to say:

“I am not going to get angry because it still brings up his name in a positive way. The marketing of the event reminds me of what Disney currently does. If you go to Disney World, they still sell haunted mansion shirts and they’re all done retro style. They market Nostalgia. If you run a sizzle with Sting and Dusty Rhodes and Hulk Hogan, none of those guys are going to be there. I’m not really upset about it.”

He did add that he does not want the upcoming event to end up like Starrcade. Which used Dusty Rhodes’ idea to boost sales but ultimately did not deliver:

“And the same, I hope, is not what happens with Great American Bash. I’m not upset at anything that brings my dad’s name in a positive light. Is it a weird feeling? For sure, But I like that they bring his name up in a charming and loving way, I just hope it’s not another Starrcade situation.”

WWE announced the Great American Bash as a two-day event over two weeks to rival AEW’s Fyter Fest. A bit Ironic considering Cody is Main Event in the first night of Fyter Fest and his father’s creation is being used to boost viewers in a rival promotion.

Despite the link with his father, Cody does admit that he thinks AEW’s event will be much better than WWE’s product. This makes sense considering he is one of the main figures in AEW and must look like he is trying to promote the event.

Which event do you think will give the best moments?