At last night’s Extreme Rules pay per view Asuka and Sasha Banks faced against each other in a Raw Women’s Championship match which fans were incredibly excited about.

The in ring action between the two was flawless, however, there was a very confusing ending where Bayley counted the pin to help Banks win which left all fans confused about who the Raw Champion actually is.

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that the original plan for the event was to have Asuka Defeat Banks and retain the title, however at the last minute Vince McMahon Changed the plans.

Meltzer explained that the change in plans is to help the current decline in ratings. Vince believes that the confusion around the finish will give fans an incentive to tune in to Monday Night Raw tonight.

Although Banks walked away from the match with the title held high, WWE still has Asuka listed as the official Raw Women’s Champ. It looks likely that there will be a showdown between the two tonight possibly leading to another title match.

The decline in ratings for both main roster shows is a worry for WWE at the moment. Randy Orton vs Big Show has been moved to Raw, and Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus in a bar fight has been moved to SmackDown instead of taking part at last nights pay per view to try and help boost ratings.