We recently reported that within the WWE an on-screen member of staff had tested positive for Coronavirus. The Identity of the individual was never revealed or reported to the public.

WWE and AEW have both continued to put on live shows during the pandemic despite it being incredibly risky. AEW have widely reported that they are testing every single member of staff for Covid-19 before letting them in the building. However, WWE have not been taking these necessary precautions as staff make their way into the Performance Centre for tapings.

Speaking with NDTV, Alexa Bliss discussed how WWE is dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, and the steps they are taking to ensure the safety of its talent and employees. While she did not officially say that WWE is not testing people for the virus, she did imply that other preventative measures are being taken, as opposed to testing:

“Everyone at WWE is being super careful, super cautious and super safe. Before we go on into the Performance Center we have to have our temperatures checked, we have to get evaluated by a doctor. We have to sign a survey that says we haven’t travelled, we haven’t gone anywhere, that we don’t have any symptoms. We’re all wearing masks, we’re practising social distancing. Everything is being cleaned to a medical-grade standard and keeping everyone safe is the main priority right now.”

Assuming people do not have the virus because they don’t have a temperature is extremely problematic. They should be officially tested for their safety, their colleague’s safety and all families of those involved. It is believed that people can be asymptomatic while still having the virus, meaning they could be allowed into the PC even if they have COVID-19.

It is understandable why Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn and others are staying at home during this global issue. If your place of work could not guarantee that the people you are encountering are virus free would go to work?


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