Edge suffered an injury at last night’s Backlash pay per view against Randy Orton in ‘The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’. More details on the injury have been reported.

Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio has said that the injury was suffered during a re-take. The match had been filmed in its entirety but then parts were re-filmed to get angles and sound effects correct. The injury retake obviously did not make it into the final edit which means that even the most eagle-eyed fans would not have seen where he got hurt.

The exact spot in which edge suffered the injury is not known for sure, however it has been speculated that it could have been when he jumped off the top rope into an RKO.

It is likely that Edge will be out for several months with the official diagnosis as being a torn tricep muscle.

Meltzer was very cautious when mentioning the possibility of the use of steroids. When steroids are used during training, they are known to weaken tendons. Meltzer was very careful to make sure that he did not confirm this speculation either way.

Fans who watched the show last night were divided on whether the enhanced camera angled and sound effects were a good addition to the match. Some believed they should have been left out and others think that they added to the match.

The match went on for roughly thirty-five minutes and both athletes put on a great show. Randy Orton won the bout with a punt to the head of Edge which would give a believable reason for Edge to be out of action for months while he recovers from his actual injury.