If you are a wrestling fan that is hoping to see The Undertaker mix it up with guys like Matt Hardy, Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho and Cody, then I’m sorry to break it to you, but it’s incredibly unlikely that The DeadMan will ever make an appearance with All Elite Wrestling.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that The Undertaker signed a new contract with the company in 2019 that will see him stay with WWE until 2034, at the very least

“The Undertaker signed a new 15-year contract with WWE last year that will last him until he is 70 years old.” The Undertaker is currently 55 years old, so he still has quite a bit of time left with WWE.

It emerged earlier this week that WWE had released Sting from his contract with the company. Meaning that unless Sting and WWE are able to work something out in the future, we won’t be getting the Sting vs. Taker match as “The Deadman” will be staying with WWE until he is 70-years-old.

Many fans have speculated that the fantastic “Last Ride” Undertaker documentary will culminate in his retirement, however, his latest contract certainly suggests something different. The Undertaker may not retire from the company all together but its safe to say he wont be included in live matches up until his retirement.