Since the Coronavirus started to spread across the world, we have seen WWE stars refuse to work during the pandemic such as Sammi Zayn, Riddick Moss and Roman Reigns.

It was reported at the beginning of the global health crisis that WWE were understanding of Talent’s anxieties. They said that if anyone felt that they didn’t want to travel or work due to fears of spreading the disease then they should simply discuss the situation with HR or management.

Since then it has been speculated as to whether the members of the roster that have refused to work have had their contracts frozen. This is a regular occurrence for those who are out of action for long periods of time.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, has said that WWE will ‘absolutely’ freeze the contracts of those who are not working at this time.

“With Kevin Owens it’s only been a couple of weeks… so I guess it’s not. But with Sami Zayn it probably will be. If it’s Roman Reigns, they may not want to piss him off, and he isn’t going anywhere anyway. He is one guy who is not going to go anywhere. But with some guys absolutely they will freeze them [their contracts]”

The fact that Meltzer thinks talent will be treated differently depending on who it is thought provoking. it makes sense that nothing should happen to Kevin Owens, he was only absent for a short ammount of time. WWE may not want to freeze Roman Reign’s contract to ensure they don’t annoy him is unusual. Poor Sammi Zayn, it would be really unfair if his contract got frozen but others did not, they already took his title off him.