In his career Vince McMahon has taken many bumps in matches, with his last one coming in a brutal beat down by Kevin Owens three years ago. At the age of 74, McMahon no longer competes within the company and focusses on tasks from behind his desk.

Former UFC Champion Conor McGregor recently announced his retirement from the octagon and appears to have changes his focus to WWE. The Irishman took to Instagram to post a photo of himself holding the UFC and WWE titles and appeared to challenge Vince McMahon into the ring for a “flashmatch”?

Current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre stepped in as his bosses defence in a reply to the former UFC fighter. He mocked McGregor for picking a fight with another 70 year old man, saying that he had no chance against Vince in a fight. He also called him out for just being another guy thinking he can make the transition from MMA to pro-wrestling.

Check out his reply in full:

McIntyre appeared to be referencing an incident from 2019 where McGregor was fined for assaulting an elderly man in a pub. This is not the first time McGregor has teased a move to WWE. Seems he would like to follow the likes of Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler who have made the transition.

If Conor were to make the move to WWE, McMahon would not be an easy first opponent. Although he is getting on in age it seems he is fitter than ever. WWE Star Sheamus revealed recently that Vince can squat almost 700 pounds and says that the “machine” is “insane in the gym”.