WWE made the official announcement that upcoming pay per View Payback will air on August 30th just one week after SummerSlam, and we might have the reason why.

There has been speculation regarding this announcement with many fans questioning the decision to schedule the two events so close together. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio has provided one answer as to why the promotion would do this.

Meltzer has suggested that there will be a questionable ending to one of the top title matches at SummerSlam. He suggests that either the WWE Championship or Universal Championship will require an immediate rematch.

Here is what Melzer said on air:

“The key will be an angle at SummerSlam’s gonna lead to needing an immediate rematch. So it’ll be whatever that angle is, whether it’s Drew and Randy Orton… it’s gonna be one of the two major championship matches is gonna have to have an angle to build for an immediate return.”

At SummerSlam we will see Drew McIntyre defend his WWE Championship against Randy Orton. Orton is on a winning streak at the moment having written off Edge, Christian, The Big Show and Ric Flair over the past few months. Shawn Michaels is set to appear on Monday Night Raw this week and we are sure Orton and HBK will face off at some point during the show.

As for the Universal Championship, we are set to see Braun Strowman defend his title against The Fiend Bray Wyatt. After a double turn on this week’ SmackDown episode, Strowman heads into the match as heel and Wyatt as the babyface for a change.