FORMER WWE wrestler Rick Bognar, who owns his own little piece of wrestling history died at the age of 49 with his family describing it as sudden and unexpected.

Bognar was not a household name but if you were a wrestling fan during the Monday night wars you will predominantly know him for being Fake Razor Ramon.

Glen Jacobs and Rick Bognar were used to portray Diesel and Ramon during an ill-fated attempt by Vince McMahon to prove be owned the characters when Kevin Nash and Scott Hall signed for WCW.

Chris Jericho led the tributes.

A family spokesperson said:

“It is tough to comprehend and will likely never sink in fully.

“Rick left behind a great legacy and I know he will be remembered and missed by all of us.”

Rick became an investment specialist after he was done with wrestling and he’ll always have his own piece of wrestling history.

May he rest in peace.