R-Truth won back his beloved 24/7 Championship from NFL star Rob Gronkowski on last nights episode of WWE Raw. We have since learned that Gronkowski has been released from his WWE contract.

Gronk’s short lived contract was signed back in March 2020 and was the host of the crowd-less WrestleMania 36 shows. He was planned to have a few matches with WWE and was expected to compete at SummerSlam. After signing a new football contract with the Buccaneers this would look less likely.

Gronkowski had a release clause within his contract which he has now taken advantage of according to Wrestlinginc. He could make appearances for the company in the future, however with him back playing football, it is unlikely he will have any in-ring action.

Gronkowski does have a non-compete clause within his contract, meaning that if he ever wanted to work for any other wrestling promotions until it expires.

Gronk has spoken before about wanting just one crazy WWE match during a press conference last year. If he was to come back could R-Truth be the opponent?