In the build up to Randy Orton and Egde’s match at Wrestlemania 36 fans predicted that Edge’s long-term friend Christian would be involved somehow, especially with the rivalry between him and Orton.

Christian however, was not involved, possibly because he still isn’t fit enough to get physical or take bumps in any way. Christian never made it to ‘Mania but it is a possibility he will be included in upcoming pay per view Backlash. He is set to be included in the build up to the ‘Greatest Match Ever’ between Orton and Edge.

On Raw next week we will see Christian host a special peep show segment where Edge, his former tag team partner will be his special guest.

WWE have really tried to sell this feud with big names predicting who would win the match at backlash. Both Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair have made appearances to advertise the upcoming match.

The match between Edge and Orton at Mania was long but entertaining and we are pretty sure the upcoming Backlash match has potential, but to give it the title of “Greatest Match Ever” might set it up to fail. What WWE keep forgetting is that Edge has not had a singles match in over nine years.