Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio has always been known for having a short fuse, but this recent revelation shockingly shows just how bad his temper is.

It was reported by FOX San Antonio that the former WWE champion was arrested after a victim went to the police that on May 3rd Del Rio got extremely angry with her. It is then alleged that he assaulted her leaving her with multiple injuries.

It was reported that the victim was slapped in the head. She then asked Del Rio what he was doing, and he slapped her a second time. It is then alleged that Del Rio forced the victim to dance from him in a dress he gave her. The victim was told not to cry and if she did then he would drop the victim’s son in the middle of the road somewhere.

The official arrest affidavit claims that the victim was Sexually assaulted by Del Rio and there are reportedly photos to prove her injuries.

PW Insider  informs us that on the morning of May 9th Alberto Del Rio (Born Jose Alberto Rodriguez) was arrested and released on a $5000 bond the same day.

We will try to keep you updated as this horrific story develops.