WWE released multiple in ring athletes and backstage staff back in April as part of a cost cutting exercise brought on by the Coronavirus. Wrestlers included Rusev, Heath Slater, Kurt Angle, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson plus many more.

It came as a shock that Vince McMahon decided to fire so many people during  a global health crisis. They would all find it particularly difficult to gain contracts elsewhere considering all promotions were facing financial troubles. The most surprising ting was that the staff were let go even though the company were set to make record profits this year.

This infuriated a lot of fans because WWE were not terminating contracts to help keep the company afloat but instead to maximise profits.

Former WWE Star Ryback has never been shy about expressing his true feelings on WWE and in particular Vince McMahon. On a recent podcast he took some shots on Vince’s decision to release so many wrestlers:

“I would say that the people they released, from a company standpoint, was probably $3-5 million total just estimating with everyone’s contracts. It really makes you question why did they get rid of so many people, or why have they not brought them back? No other wrestling company released people during this period.

“For those of us in the business, everyone knows how it is. It’s Vince, and Vince has built that. It’s his way he operates the company. He does a lot of good. He provides jobs for people.”

Ryback then went on to discuss the sacrifices that the talent make just to keep Vince McMahon rich. He also mentioned how wrestlers struggle when they leave WWE because of their financial situation:

“If you compare it to how they operate that business, what they take from people and what people sacrifice for him to have the wealth that he has, it’s typically people’s lives. Wrestlers die younger than everyone because of the work schedule and how little he leaves them with how much they actually earn. A lot of them have trouble when they leave there.

“There are opportunities they don’t get while they’re there because they want to keep them there. They don’t want them making too much money. That’s where it gets really frustrating.