Since more than thirty pro wrestlers were released from their WWE contracts, there has been an abundance of rumours as to where each star will go next.

One former WWE star has teased moving to AEW more than once, most recent by answering Cody’s open challenge for the TNT Championship in the coming weeks.

Cody won the Championship at Double or Nothing after the surprising win over Lance Archer. He has since said that he will defend the title against anyone willing to challenge him.

Zack Ryder, his real-life good friend, and former WWE star seemed to take interest in this comment. Now going by his real name Matt Cardona sent out this tweet:

Cody has mentioned in numerous interviews that he does not want AEW to become “All Friends Wrestling” this might count for some of the released WWE stars however with Zack Ryder we can assume that at some point he will face his friend Cody at AEW

Cody’s first title defence will come against Jungle Boy next week. Jungle boy won the privilege after winning the Battle Royal in this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite.


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