So there are plenty of rumours doing the rounds before tonights ‘Superstar Shake-up’ but four prominent rumours which seem to be gaining traction could see some big changes to both shows.

You have to remember the new TV deals kick in this year and Smackdown moving to Fox means more firepower will be sent to the blue brand to keep Fox executives happy with the product they have spent a lot of money on.

With that being said, this is what we’re hearing and what has been reported as Raw gets set to go live tonight. 

Samoa Joa is reportedly heading back to Raw, in the last two shake-ups we’ve seen US title holders and IC Champions move shows. Dropping belts very quickly to make the move.

In turn, the noise of the street is Finn Balor is expected to go to Smackdown to give a wide range of fresh match ups for both Finn and the Smackdown roster.

The biggest gain Smackdown may make tonight or tomorrow is the former Universal Champion Brock Lesnar with many speculating he will be drafted to the B brand to up its value. Much like when Cena was drafted to the blue brand, we don’t expect this to stick or if he does show up, it will be fleeting appearances. Probably the debut on Fox!

One big superstar set to stay on Raw is Drew McIntyre with no plans at present to take the Scottish Psychopath away from Monday nights.

The shakeup should be interesting and if you know WWE the wrestlers themselves might not even know what’s going on until we do!