Last week a report emerged implying that the USA Network was unhappy with WWE regarding Monday Night Raw. They were upset by the fact the company releaved Paul Heyman od his role of Executive producer, he was replaced by Bruce Pritchard who will now be in charge of both shows. USA Network were upset because they were not involved in any of this decision making. When they gave WWE their current contract they were under the impression that Heyman and Eric Bischoff would be running the show for twelve months, a few months later and neither are in charge of creative at Raw.

It has emerged today that USA Network is not the only unhappy television station when it comes to WWE. Fox have said to have been angered by Vince McMahon’s company regarding a segment on last Friday’s episode of SmackDown.

In the bitter and controversial rivalry between two wrestlers, we seen Jeff Hardy throw a glass of urine in the face of Sheamus. Fans from the West coast did not actually see this as it was being watched on a delay and the spot was cut from their feeds.

The opening segment on last week’s SmackDown saw Jeff Hardy throw urine on his bitter rival Sheamus. Fans watching on a delay on the west coast didn’t actually get to see the spot, as it was cut from their feeds.

Dave Meltzer has shed some light on the situation and is reporting that Fox removed it from the show because they were unhappy with the segment

“It aired on the east coast but not on the west coast. Fox decreed that it violated their standards and practices so they threw a commercial in so we didn’t get to see it on the west coast. That’s what that was all about.”

The video was uploaded to you tube and out of all the clips from last weeks SmackDown episode it was the most watched video by a considerable margin. Check it out below

A couple of days after the episode, Sheamus got his revenge on Hardy at Backlash and defeated him in a particularly good pay per view match.