Over the years, as a wrestling fan, you would brave the monotony of the season in between Summerslam and basically the Rumble because you knew when Wrestlemania season came around you would see WWE pull out all the stops.

Now, with this Saudi deal, we see guys wheeled out at least twice a year and paid the big bucks to go Wrestle in Saudi Arabia. We won’t even go into how morally wrong taking the money from the regime is and just look at it from a Wrestling fans point of view.

It’s hard to turn down the money on offer when you’re a wrestler who is even beyond the twilight of their career, I get that, but when it gets to Wrestlemania season it just doesn’t feel special anymore.

In the past you have the rumour mill going and the buzz about potential returns. We had the whole AJ/Shawn Michaels debate a few years back and although it didn’t happen, the thought of it happening was enough wet the appetite. Michaels then subsequently made his return to the run in Saudi, for the money, not in front of the fanbase who have supported him since the 90s. It’s disheartening.

Wrestlemania season is here and before that we have a Saudi show where they will again bill it is as a massive super show.

The Wrestlemania brand has lost out big time to the Saudi Shows. It’s short term gain for longterm pain from a WWE point of view. Record profit boasts right now but the product and the way WWE portray themselves turns people off more than on.

As a life long WWE fan who has sat through ups like Occupy Raw and the Daniel Bryan movement to the lows of a poorly booked Seth Rollins. We should be rewarded for our loyalty but WWE is too busy chasing other peoples cash – maybe one day, mines won’t be there…